"Shades of I Daniel Blake..Deftly acted, it’s a warm and funny watch"
Total Film

"Herdman makes every gesture true. An effortless, naturalistic presence on screen, this actor deserves more of a spotlight. As soon as possible"
The Times

"Mark Gillis’s riveting feature.... he tells his story with utter credibility and, better still, welcome humour. Extraordinary talents on both sides of the camera"
Morning Star

"Gillis captures the mood and argot of daily life... Herdman excels ..empathetic, everymannish vulnerability"

"Mark Gillis’s debut feature is in the best tradition of British low-budget social realism.
shares the anger and the humour found in Loach’s film. ..Herdman’s Micky is an immensely likeable figure..the
type of working class everyman that you could imagine Bob Hoskins playing a generation ago"

The Independent

"The underdog hero is played by Martin Herdman with a sad-funny affability"
Financial Times

"Likable, affecting drama ...shades of Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake...there’s a lot to enjoy."
The Guardian