SINK is a feature film, shot mainly in South East London, written and directed by Mark Gillis. It’s about a man, Micky Mason, trying to keep things together working part time/zero hours. He’s in the position, familiar to many, of looking after the generation above and below – his father is slowly losing himself to dementia and his son is finding it hard to stay clean on an estate where drugs are everywhere. Micky is fired from his latest dead end job and there’s nothing out there but more of the same. His Dad’s care home has just been bought out and they’ve put up their prices. Micky takes one look at where the local authority wants to place his Dad and brings him back to live with him in his bedsit.

He thinks they’ll be fine. He tries so hard to be. But he’s drowning.

It’s not one big thing that finally sends him over; it’s the death by a thousand cuts. He takes a course of action that is completely out of character but that seems to him to be the only way to make a REAL change. For all of them.

We’re left with a moral dilemma; in a world where the moral compass has shifted so far, so fast, whose version of right and wrong are we going to go with?

So it’s a look at three generations of working class men and how their relationship to work has changed. It’s a look at how some lives are being lived, just up the road – lives that nobody would have planned for themselves.

But that's not to say it's all anguish and despair. Sometimes it's warm and tender. And funny.

It's people finding their way through.

It's about Micky Mason; a man out there right now, doing his best.

As it was the director's first feature and with a relatively unknown cast, we knew it would be very difficult to get the film funded, so we made the decision to make it ourselves.

Everyone on the project agreed to work for deferred fees and profit share in order to get the film made. We were very lucky in securing the services of our highly respected Director of Photography and a very experienced and skilful crew. Likewise the level of support we’ve had from hire companies and post production facilities has been amazing. As a result we have been able to complete the film for just under £35,000, some of which we contributed ourselves, some from investors and some from our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.

We are now in the process of entering the film into festivals and trying to secure distribution. If you’d like to keep in touch with our progress, please follow our twitter and facebook accounts. Thank you for your support.