“It draws you in...this wonderful new film, Sink.” Mark Rylance, Associate Producer

“Beautiful cinema, powerful film, great discussion afterwards. If you get a chance to see it, to, it’s a morally complex and often funny story about contemporary masculinity, work, generational change, pain and hope. Heather, Castle Cinema, Hackney

"An important British film portraying the consequences of the financial crash in 2008 on real lives in austerity Britain with profound truth, humour and realism. Thank you for giving these experiences a voice and for an interesting discussion after the preview screening." Maura, Sanford Housing Co-Op

"Saw this last night in Wolverhampton. A great film, still talking about it and will for a long time. Thank you. Good luck with promoting it. If you get the chance to see it please do- it's cram packed with subtle, (and not so subtle), nudges to describe the increasing inequalities in UK society". Heather, Wolverhampton Arts Ctr

“Sink is about life at the bottom when that zero hours job ends and nothing is coming along and the bills are mounting and you cannot afford the care home for you father. It really is worth catching - very early Ken Loach and that is not a criticism but praise. Fine performances all round." William, Castle Cinema, Hackney

"The Best film of the year" Christopher, Arden Theatre, Faversham

Great film with an ending that leaves the viewer with the moral question of what would you do in this situation? Really moving and funny film, it was excellent. Erica, Queen Mother Theatre